The Norse Saga Draws to a Conclusion

Developers are not intending to make the series a trilogy

The Norse pantheon had been explored only in one part of the God of War franchise – 2018’s PlayStation 4 instalment. However, Santa Monica Studio has already confirmed that the upcoming God of War: Ragnarök will be final chapter into that realm. Many of the fans were expecting a trilogy, so this could come across as disappointing news.

Arrival of Ragnarök


Erik Williams, the game’s director confirmed in a recent interview that Ragnarök will be the final entry to this saga. This may be surprising, but the fact that Ragnarök is happening can make us understand that this will be the end. Moreover, in Norse Mythology, Ragnarök is a massive turning point that ends in many gods dying.

Williams said that the game cannot be called Ragnarök unless it doesn’t contain Ragnarök. Therefore, Ragnarök is happening, and the Norse series is ending with it.

Now that the story has come to an end, what will happen next? God of War is one of Sony’s best titles and it would be natural that they will want to continue the franchise. For now, Santa Monica is keeping mum about their future plans and will solely focus on promoting Ragnarök. We will have to wait a few more years to hear what’s in store.

The Norse Gods


Tyr and Thor are two gods that fans are excited to see. Tyr was believed to be dead, but in the final scene we see Kratos and Atreus free him. He towers over the Ghost of Sparta as the latter asks him for aid.

The antagonists will be Thor and Freya, and theories suggest that Kratos will be able to weild Thor’s hammer Mjölnir in this game.

God of War: Ragnarök is set to release sometime in 2022.

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