‘The Penthouse 3’ Production Staff Apologizes for their Insensitivity of Using Sensitive Content

‘The Penthouse 3’ in ropes for using Real Life tragic Events

‘The Penthouse’ has faced a lot of backlash for their newest episode of the show. The show is facing controversial allegations for using sensitive content in its newest scene. The show’s latest episode showed the actual scenes of tragedies from an accident that happened in Gwangju and Pohang. The K-drama used actual news clips from the tragedies. The character of the show Joo Dan Tae, played by actor Uhm Ki Joon, planted the bombs to destroy Hera Place in the show’s storyline.

The show used clips to depict the aftermath of the events done by the character by the bombing of Hera Place. Gwangju construction collapse accident, 2021, and the Pohang earthquake, 2017.

Tragic events
Credit: Soompi

Production Staff’s Apology

On September 4th, the show’s production house SBS released a statement addressing the issue and taking full responsibility for it. They acknowledged in their statement that they used the official clips of the accidents in the episode that aired on September, 3rd. Further, the group added by saying that they have begun by deleting the scenes. They also said that they will do their best to know why such scenes were added by conducting an inner investigation.

Finally, apologizing to all the victims and their families whose sentiments have been hurt. The production staff also apologized to all the viewers and fans for insensitivity.

The Penthouse
The Penthouse

This is not the first time the show is being accused of certain allegations. Previously too, the show faced racial allegations for the portrayal of a character from the show. As the show progressed fans felt raised their concerns over racial appropriation. The show depicted the character in a way that upset fans and viewers.

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