‘The Penthouse’ Season 3 Continues to Top Ratings Chart! Rated #1 Again

Penthouse Ratings Continues to be at the top!

The ‘Penthouse 3’ is having a good time! ‘The Penthouse 3’ saw a huge increase in viewership rates for its 10th episode on August 13. The newest episode of the hit drama received an average nationwide rating of 18.8 per cent and a peak of 20.8 %, according to Nielsen Korea.

It’s fascinating to observe how three different dramas receive so much love and praise from spectators! The Penthouse 3 on SBS, Imitation on KBS 2TV, and Voice 4 on tvN are three of the top dramas on the air right now.

The Penthouse 3 is the third part of the renowned Korean series, The Penthouse: War In Life. It narrates the chronicles of The Hera Palace’s wealthy residents and their insatiable desire for power, fortune, and social position.

The Penthouse | Penthouse 3 | K-drama
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Penthouse ratings

Imitation, but, is a lovely rom-com that chronicles the behind-the-scenes journey of K-pop idols and the difficulties they face.

The statistics not only represented a significant gain over last week’s nationwide average of 15.5 percent, but they also represented the drama’s greatest ratings since its premiere, when it reached a nationwide average of 19.5 percent! Not only that but ‘The Penthouse 3’ maintained a perfect 10-episode streak.

It is the most viewed show on Friday and the most-watched mini-series of the week.

The Penthouse | Penthouse 3 | K-drama
The Penthouse | Instagram

The words of Cast and its plot

Shim Su Ryeon and Logan Lee partner up with Kang Ma Ri and her husband to avenge Joo Dante and Cheon Seo Jin in the latest episode of ‘The Penthouse 3’.

Dong Pil agreed to his involvement in Eugene death and promised to do things right this time. In addition, Baek Joon Ki threatens Joo Dante with revealing his real identity and exposing his assassination intentions to others.

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