The Popular Korean Drama ‘Hospital Playlist 2’ Bidding Farewell this Week with a Mega Finale

Farewell episode of Hospital Playlist Season 2- fans are overwhelmed with happy tears

Around 30 minutes after it aired on tvN, the popular television series would be released to Netflix. The final episode of Hospital Playlist Season 2 will air on Thursday, September 16, 2021. This episode will break the internet. Because the final three episodes are so good, these episodes easily makes it into our top five episodes of Season 2.

Hospital Playlist 2 also topped its time slot among all viewers, as well as the important viewers of age 20-49. The show’s national average was 8.7 percent and its reached the maximum of 9.9 percent.

Hospital playlist fam
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Only one more episode left in the season of the hit drama series, and on September 9 it scored its greatest viewership ratings yet. This marks a new all-time peak for “Hospital Playlist 2” according to Nielsen Korea. The latest season scoring an average nationwide rating of 13.4 percent.

Final episode is worth the wait!!

TvN, that broadcasts Hospital Playlist, had a scheduling conflict that caused episode 11 of season 2 to be postponed. They aired a game among South Korea and Iraq on September 2nd, 2021.

According to the show’s production team, the finale will last two hours and forty minutes, compared to the usual one hour and thirty minute episode. Lee Ik Jun’s relationship with Song Hwa and Min Ah’s connection with Yang Seok Hyeong finally came to a pleasant conclusion in the most recent episode. That aired two weeks after the previous one.

Medical koreandrama
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This show tells the life of five doctors from the same medical school. And 20 years of friendship became colleagues in the same hospital, they became friends. In the story, they describe their daily routines and the challenges they face in their careers.

Episode 12 predictions

Episode 12 will focus on Ik Jun and Song Hwa’s relationship, as well as Min Ha and Yang Seong Hyeong’s relationship. Even though the show’s fans feeling the love in the air, the upcoming new episode will also show how Jae Hak and his wife are dealing with the current challenge.

It will reveal whether or not Ik Sun and Jun Wan will be able to get their relationship back on track. Another question, whether Ahn Jeong Won will have the chance to propose to Gyeo Ul before this show concludes.

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