The Popular Manga Series “One Piece” Delighted Fans with Upcoming Chapter 1023! Release Details & Theory Below

New chapter raises fans’ excitement

The manga series One Piece is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. It is one of the most popular anime series with the Anime Big 3. With more than 1000 chapters, One Piece is considered one of the greatest anime. However, it has been trending on anime communities, dominating recent updates. Since, audience attention has been drawn to chapter 1023.

It was confirmed that English scans would be available soon. The chapter will feature Robin’s Devil mode and ongoing fight. Robin’s Devil Fruit reveals its full potential in the recent chapter. On August 23, 2021, the official chapter is scheduled for release.

One Piece | Manga
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Synopsis of the recent chapter

Recently, Robin showed Sanji how much she really appreciates him in the chapter. Since Robin could not survive without the help of others. For the first time, someone trusted her with his life. Sanji showed how he trusted Robin to do something he isn’t capable of. And what would he do that Robin couldn’t. This is the bond of the straw-hat pirates.

Furthermore, this chapter includes Robin’s devil fruit limitations regarding getting hurt by her real body. Finally, Momo asked Shinobu to make him into an adult when the hyped climax reached.

One Piece | Manga
Credit: Manga online

Chapter 1023 Theories

Keeping the trend going, it is likely that the next chapter will feature Sanji and Queen’s fight. When we last saw them, Queen had transformed into his hybrid form, but Sanji managed to handle him pretty well.

As of now there has been no major damage to any of them so far, but the next chapter might change that. Dog Storm is also fighting Jack in All-Stars, which is not at all surprising because the two have history together.

Eady beaten up by Kaido and all the Scabbards are falling right and left. However, it is possible that things might change if he gets some help. Finally, there are some pretty interesting theories in regards to the One Piece chapter 1023. Shinobu was asked to transform Momo into an adult.

Shogun Wano aspires to become as powerful as possible as a youngster but can’t do it. The end result may indicate that Momo will be able to rule Wano permanently in the adult form.

One Piece | Manga
Credit: Manga online

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