The Popular Manga’s Chapters 149 & 150 to Arrive Sooner than Expected! Details Below

September will be delightful for fans!

To Your Eternity, written and illustrated by Yoshitoki Oima, is a Japanese manga series. Weekly Shonen Magazine has been serializing the manga since November 2016. By April 2021, Kodansha had collected fifteen tankobon volumes. Yet, it is interesting to note that the Manga is one of the most popular books today since it introduces readers to the most unique storyline. Additionally, To Your Eternity’s new chapter is set to release on September 2nd 2021, and no delays have been reported thus far.

To Your Eternity
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Spoilers and Leaks of new Chapter

Because manga popularity has increased rapidly, publishers and writers are forced to keep spoilers a secret. As a result, the authorities have avoided spoiling this ongoing manga because no spoilers have been released so far. Manga revolves around Orb, an immortal who was sent to earth by an immortal being. In response to strong stimuli, the Orb can take any form it requests.

It has taken many forms throughout its journey before meeting the first human, a young boy. As well, it led to a deeper understanding of humanity.

Previous Chapter Recap, Chapter 148

To Your Eternity
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Recently, Gugu revealed his wish to fushi. Credibly simple and justified, the wish is. Gugu wants to go back to the old man’s place, and it looks like the new world doesn’t suit him. Fushi got worried about what happened in the first place. Other factors are also at play. The uprooter alliance wants to destroy fushi’s roots. Also, they have been revealed to be members of Brunette’s church. In the midst of so many problems, he escapes to see Hario.

Hario discusses gugu and the new world and the problems it faces. In the end, we spotted Fushi running, possibly someone to meet. Maybe, everything will come out in the upcoming chapter.

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