The Prominent Clan of Vampire Hunters is More than just Trevor Belmont

Take a look at the clan that became renowned vampire hunters

The Belmont Clan is without a doubt, the most prominent clan in the Castlevania series. Every protagonist in the vampire hunting saga will be a Belmont.

However, the clan’s original purpose was not to become vampire hunters. The first person who took a vow to kill creatures of the night was Leon Belmont in Castlevania: Lament of Innocense. This was the same time when the Vampire Killer – the primary weapon of the Belmonts was created. After that, it became their duty to protect Transylvania.

Now, let’s take a look at the clan.

1. Leon Belmont

Leon Belmont

Leon is the one who started the tradition of vampire hunting. He was the first known wielder of the Vampire Killer in its complete form, but he didn’t get to defeat Dracula.

2. Trevor Belmont


Trevor became the first Belmont to defeat Dracula, and hence became a legend. When Dracula, along with his vampire army attacked Transylvania, the Church was forced to find a Belmont member. So, they sought Trevor, and he defeated Dracula’s forces and Dracula himself.

3. Christopher Belmont


Dracula re-emerged after a hundred years, now stronger than ever. But Christopher Belmont rose to face him and defeated him in a fight. Dracula faked his defeat, but waited 15 years until Christopher’s son turned 15. He then possessed the boy, forcing Christopher to tread through five castles until he defeated Dracula and saved Soleil.

4. Soleil Belmont


Christopher’s son who was once used as Dracula’s vessel. He was freed when his father defeated Dracula and later inherited the whip. But he didn’t face the Count again.

5. Simon Belmont


Simon is considered the most famous member of the Belmont Clan. Despite the Count getting stronger with each resurrection, Simon still went solo into his castle and defeated him. But Dracula cast a spell on Simon before dying. Simon was badly hurt and the curse caused the wound not to heal. He was slowly dying when he discovered a way to cure the curse. He had to burn Dracula’s remains, but this led in the Count reviving. Simon had to defeat him again before freeing himself, and saving Transylvania.

There are many more Belmont members, but these are the ones who made the franchise popular.

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