The Season 6 of ‘The Masked singer’ to Pick-up from Where They Left

The Newest Season Of The Craziest Music Show Arrives…

The latest season of The Masked Singer officially announced to premiere from September 22 on Fox. The name itself conveys that it is full of surprise and guesses. The show is quite popular and that’s why it is geared up for the sixth season. The ten seconds teaser gives clue of the upcoming contestants.

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Previous seasons were jam-packed with surprises. But this season has lot more changes to the show. Also the new teaser gives the hint of 4 new contestants. Since then it made the fans impossible to await its new season.

Get To Know The New Cast For The Show

Besides the new teaser, new cast members were featured in it. Fans are ready to meet Dalmatian, Mallard, Hamster, Cupcake, Banana Split and Queen of Hearts as new contestants. For now some of the costumes are revealed and some are yet to be revealed. Show-runner James Breen confirmed wildcard returns too. The total number of contestants are unclear. Breen also confirms that one of the character will be the craziest person to ever be on the show.

“The characters in the show have an hidden hint for their respective costumes if it is observed closely” says Executive Producer Craig Plestis. As always this show never failed to impact its audience from the first season.

What’s New In This Season

Nick Canon will continue as the host of the show. Ken Jeong, Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy and Robin Thicke will return as panellists. If there’s something new to expect the show has three finales. Craig Plestis says that the finale will have the winners from Group A and Group B and, and they will face-off the final battle as top 2 finalists. Another thing is that the 2 finalists will be someone who never shared a stage together.

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However, this season will have live audience after 3 consecutive seasons. But the show runners promised that the show will have ‘crazy’ inclusions like ‘never seen before’ aspects. In total this season will be a candid show because it is 100% pure talent from the house of Hollywood.

It begins as a 2 night special premiere on September 22 and 23,8/7c

Fasten your seat-belts to witness the craziest music show like never before.

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