The Trial Against the Singer, R.Kelly, for Sex Trafficking Sets in Motion as Selection for Jury Begins

Sex Trafficking Trial Against R.Kelly Begins

Sex Trafficking Trial Against R.Kelly Begins Jury selection for the upcoming trial of Grammy award-winning singer, R.Kelly, is all set to start tomorrow. One of the biggest legal stories of the year, the selection is taking place in New York federal court. A Brooklyn judge has responsibility of questioning potential jurors. R&B singer Kelly faces several charges which include Sex trafficking, abusing women and underage girls.

Charges against Kelly


According to whispers and reports, Kelly had a involvement in sex and pornography activities. As soon as New York trails come to an end, Kelly has to face Chicago and Minnesota trails. He has subsequently known for violating the state’s anti-racketing federal law, thus, attracting further charges. Kelly is also holds allegations of heading a criminal enterprise consisting of managers and bodyguards. He was the director of pornography and sex shoots. Moreover, he is also holds accusation of recruiting underage girls and women for immoral shoots. Prosecutors state that victims were arranged to meet Kelly at concert venues.

However, Robert Kelly has pleaded not guilty against the charges. He has even denied the allegations of heading a criminal enterprise. The defense lawyers state, girls were’ groupies who turned up at concert venues. Moreover, the lawyers further added that the girls wanted to be with him. They also said that the victims only spoke up during MeToo movement. Well, this is not Kelly’s first time on trial. Back in 2002, a video of him having sex with a fourteen-year-old went viral. This led to Kelly’s arrest on the basis of phonographic charges. However, in 2008, Kelly was found innocent and was free of all the charges.

The Jury

R. kelly on trial

Kelly’s trial was to begin early this year. But, Kelly’s lawyers were suddenly fired, thus, resulting the halting of trial. According to the new updates, the trial is set to begin from August 18.The selected jurors are all set to hear the testimonies of victims.

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