The Truth is Out as ‘Choi Yujin’ Finally Addresses CLC Disbanded Rumours

The truth is out

The Korean Girl band CLC has been on a break for almost a year. CLC which is the short form for , crystal clear was formed in 2015 and consists of six band members. One of the band members is Choi Yujin who just made a major announcement. The pop star recently appeared on the show ‘Girls Planet 999’. Choi was one of the ninety-nine girls and also a performer.

Though her performance was not the only thing that got our attention. CLC member Choi Yujin was left teary when she announced that her company, the cube has dismissed the band. She also revealed that the company won’t be continuing with any more CLC activities or promotions.

choi yujin
Credit : Allkpop | twitter

Her announcement immediately sent the CLC fans in a state of frenzy. Twitter flooded with fans reacting to the news and it was an emotional whirlwind. Debating what Choi meant when she used the word ‘dismissed’ has left fans scratching their heads.

While some fans refused to believe that dismissal meant it was the end for CLC, others were saddened by the fact that their favourite band may now have disbanded.

What does the future holds

Credit: CLC | Instagram

Cube hasn’t commented on the rumours. Fans seem to believe Cube might not be supporting the band anymore, but it doesn’t mean the band is disbanding.

Another member of the band Elkie exited in February of 2021. Her reasons also aligned with the fact the company, Cube won’t be pouring any more resources into the band. She revealed she wanted to give back to her fans and if she wasn’t allowed to do that, staying was pointless.

While we may not be able to ascertain what the future for the band holds yet, The singer has revealed that the band members continue to stay close with each other.

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