The Ultimate Godzilla Figure Is a Colossal and Expensive Kaiju


Godzilla fans with deep pockets and even deeper shelves will be interested to know that Mezco Toyz has just launched their Ultimate Godzilla figure, which stands at a whopping 18-inches tall and measures 33-inches from teeth to tail.

In addition to its sheer size, The Ultimate Godzilla figure also features 10 points of articulation (including a moveable jaw), a poseable tail, a light-up mouth and dorsal fins, and his iconic roar sound. The electronic features can be activated by buttons hidden on his back.

Unfortunately, now is the time where we stomp all over your dreams with the price tag. At the time of writing you can pre-order the Ultimate Godzilla figure directly from Mezco and here at Entertainment Earth for a whopping $450. If you go with Entertainment Earth, you won’t need to put up a down payment – you won’t be charged until it ships, which should be sometime in October of 2022. If you’re willing to put up a non refundable down payment, you can get it directly from Mezco, and shipping is free. The latter is definitely the most affordable way to go overall.

If you’re a collector, you know that the Ultimate Godzilla figure will be twice as expensive on eBay after the pre-order window closes, so that makes the price tag easier to swallow. On a related note, Monsterverse figures of Scylla and Warbat from Spiral Studio were teased earlier today. Details are available right here.

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