The Witcher: Vesemir’s Journey Explained in ‘Nightmare of the Wolf’

Nightmare of the wolf

It’s Vesemir’s time to shine

When the first season of Netflix’s “The Witcher” came out, it was a massive hit with the audience. Thanks to Andrzej Sapowski’s books and CD Project Red’s three beautiful games out there. Everyone was aware about “The Witcher” Lore and it’s charming characters. One of the famous characters is Vesemir and he is Geralt’s mentor.

In all the media out there Vesemir is shown as a wise old teacher of the Witchers. But the upcoming spinoff anime film, “The Witcher:Nightmare of the Wolf”, is a prequel. In addition, the film will focus on Vesemir’s younger days and will tell his story as a witcher.

The iconic bath scene returns with Vesemir

A month ago, the first teaser trailer for the anime film “The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf” was released which got people excited for the upcoming film. Another trailer was also released a week ago which gave people some hints about the story as well. And the trailer also contains a bathtub scene but this time with young Vesemir and people are all up for it.

Just recently, Netflix released character posters for its film and the posters contain new characters as well. The newly released posters contain, Vesemir, Geralt’s mentor. With a powerful sorceress, Tetra Gilcrest. Also, Deglan, leader of the witchers. An outspoken witcher, Luka. And a fallen elf king, Filavandrel. Also, an advisor to the king and a Kaedwen noblewomen Lady Zerbst.

The anime movie is supposed to premiere on Netflix on August 23, 2021.

Nightmare of the wolf
Credit: Netflix

A memorable cast with hardworking crew members

The actor who played the role of Vesemir in the first season of the show “The Witcher”. Theo James, for a brief appearance of the character will reprise his role as Vesemir in the film. Besides Theo James, Lara Pulver, Graham Mctavish, Matt Yang King, Tom Canton, Mary McDonnell and David Errigo Jr. will play the roles of Tetra Gilcrest, Deglan, Luka, Filavandrel, Lady Zerbst and a younger version of Vesemir.

Lastly, the studios behind the film is Studio Mir and the film is directed by Kwang-II Han. Beau DeMayo is the writer of the film and the executive producer is Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, the Witcher showrunner.

Nightmare of the wolf
Credit: Netflix

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