‘The World of My 17’ is set to return to your Screens with Season 2

Set the stage for season two!

According to media sources, the online drama series ‘The World of My 17’ will be back with season 2 pretty soon!

‘The World of My 17’ was first broadcasted in 2020 and is based on the lives of four high school classmates and the daily life challenges at the age of 17. It shows the true nature of friendship in secondary school, where friends make up the whole of one’s life.

the world of my 17
The World of My 17

Na Ri

In season 1 Na Ri after losing some weight and gaining confidence hopes for a fresh start as a freshman in her school but as soon as she arrives at school, she is still insecure after meeting her beautiful old school friends, Yoo Na, Sun Ji and Mi Rae.

Yoo Na and Na Ri

Yoo Na ignored Na Ri for a long time without really explaining why she quit being her friend, so Na Ri wasn’t happy by this change of events and also the fact that Yoo Na is famous at school for her beauty, makes Na Ri more insecure and unseen. Everyone in school wants to be friends with her to be closer to Yoo Na.

Yoo Na is tired of having fake people around her. She now believes that Na Ri is her only true friend. Im Sun Ji, who rather seems innocent is, in reality, the first one to stand up for Na Ri. Seo Mi Rae is also a popular face among the students. She mostly stays busy because she is also an idol trainee. she also tries to understand Na Ri after realizing how much Yoo Na admires her.

The drama represents the girl’s friendship playfully.

What’s in store for season 2

According to sources the female lead Oh My Girl’s Arin, who played Na Ri in season 1 of ‘The World of My 17,’ would not return for season 2 which seems a bummer to the viewers but the Season 2 is still present in the lead casting phase, with filming set to begin in September. The web drama series is set to premiere in November of this year.

the world of my 17
The World of My 17

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