This Dumpster Fire Figure Is More Than Fine


What happens when you mashup the Dumpster Fire vinyl figure from 100% Soft with the Funko Pop based on the “This is Fine” Dog meme? You get a new Dumpster Fire figure that is way more than fine.

The figure features a tiny version of the This is Fine dog that began as a 2013 Gunshow comic strip by KC Green perched atop a blazingly cute Dumpster Fire (in Halloween orange) that started as a GIF from artist Truck Torrence. Memes collide in the ultimate collectible for the times that we live in. Pre-orders are live here at Entertainment Earth now $30 with a release date set for November. It’s part of a range of Dumpster Fire products that includes pins, hats, and keychains. You can grab those here at Entertainment Earth as well.


As noted, Funko released a Pop figure based on the This is Fine Dog meme, and it was earmarked as an Entertainment Earth exclusive. If you missed it, the good news is that you can still pre-order one right here for $13.99 with the next batch set to arrive in September.

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