Thunderous is Out Now !

The “Thunderous” comeback

The newly launched album by stray kids NOEASY is here ! It is a full-length album by the group.

Stray Kids is a South Korean boy band. Moreover,The band was formed in a reality show by the same name in 2017 by JYP entertainment . They have had events all over the world from Russia to Sweden, the band’s imprints are everywhere in the world.

There are eight members in the band including Felix, Lee Know, Woojin, Bang CHn, I.N, Changbin and Hyunjin. Apart from JYP entertainment have also been represented by Sony music entertainment.

Hyunjin is the most popular member of the band and his face cams get the most views.

Latest track

stray kids
credit : stray kids | twitter

The latest track which is gathering attention is the title track of the album ” thunderous.” The track is composed by 3RACHA also known as Changbin, Bang Chan and Han. Hot sauce is also a part of the composition. Moreover,The lyrics of the hit song are also written by 3RACHA.

Subsequently, the band explained the meaning of the song. It is meant as to address those who hate and nag at the band. Haters are everywhere but the band says that nothing is enough to stop them and they will put their sound out no matter what anyone says.

stray kids
credit : instagram | straykids

The band enjoys a whopping fan base of 15 million followers on Instagram.

Their latest title track ‘ thunderous’ comprises of powerful rap verses, traditional Korean instruments and brass sounds that resonate with the music. All the instruments come together and create a sound that is distinct to Stray kids and unique in itself.

The song got mixed reactions from the fans while some were calling it distinct stray kids style and choreography, others commented saying it was their least favourite comeback. Meanwhile, others said it is not the best but not also the worst

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