Titans’ Savannah Welch Teases Possible Batgirl Flashbacks in Season 3

Season 3 of Titans finally introduced Barbra Gordon, who is expertly played by Savannah Welch, and fans learn that in the days since Dick Grayson left Gotham she’s become Commissioner of Gotham, just like her father. Fans are also learning about the fractured relationship between Barbara, Dick, and Bruce Wayne, especially after Jason Todd becomes the Red Hood. With all that past history coming to the surface, fans are wondering if there’s a chance we might see Barbara’s early days as Batgirl, and during a recent interview with ComicBook.com, we asked Savannah if there’s any chance we might see some of those early days as Batgirl or more of that history, and it seems there’s a chance we could before the season is out.

“Well, as many of the fans know, this show seems to love flashbacks, and I can’t say what you’re going to flash back to, but you’ll get to see some early days Barbara, early days Babs and Dick, and what that dynamic was. There’s probably going to be some action. There was quite a bit of action in those early days, and I think that that’s about all I can share,” Welch said.

It does seem like we’ll at least see some of the days before Dick left Gotham and interactions between Dick and Barbara, and the tease does give us hope that we could end up at least seeing some references to Barbara’s Batgirl days before season 3 concludes.

She did talk a bit about that history and where things stand between her and Dick when the season begins.

“There was a little beef between them at first. Dick had left Gotham. Barbara obviously had been shot by The Joker already, was in the wheelchair. Jim Gordon had passed away. So, a lot of change had happened in her life since she and Dick were working together, and I think that she grew up quite a bit. I think that he probably had, too,” Welch said. “And so when they reconnect, when he comes back to Gotham and you see her in this new role as commissioner, that’s the first time that Dick is seeing her as commissioner and in this position of power as a woman and a disabled woman in a position of power and trying to fill the shoes of her father, but do it in her own way.”

You can catch Welch’s Barbara Gordon on season 3 of Titans right now, which is streaming on HBO Max.

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