Titans Season 3 Showrunner Addresses the Violent Rise of Red Hood

Titans Season 3 has featured the rise of Red Hood and showrunner Greg Walker had a lot to say about it. In a conversation with Collider, he had a lot to say about Curran Walters’ take on the vigilante. It’s been a slow slide toward this moment for Robin. Fans could see what was coming in the first episode from a mile away. But, just like a collision that you have no control over, Titans fans would have to observe just how bad it would break for Jason Todd. The rest of his teammates were not prepared for it either. Every member of the team has their own reaction to what went down with their friend and then having to stop him when the rubber meets the road. There are some lines that you can never cross and hope to be redeemed afterward. The second Robin absolutely fits that profile with what he accomplished in the first couple of episodes of the HBO Max series. Walker feels bad for the kid, but also recognizes his struggles have ties to a ton of people that he’s met throughout his life. What drove him to become Red Hood? Well, looking back holds some answers.

“It’s a good question. And I think the answer to that question begins by looking at where he is at the end of Season 2, where there, he’s in exile from the times after the trauma that he experienced through his ordeal with Deathstroke, and the kind of follow-up to the Titans,” Walker begins. “In many ways, Jason Todd’s always a tragic character, and struggling not to be one. He’s basically a foster kid, and a kid of the streets, who wants to find someone who believes in him and is struggling to find acceptance throughout his whole life.”

The showrunner continued, “He reminds me of a lot of people I know [who] were sort of kind of struggling with that same challenge. And he thought he’d found it with Bruce, and then he thought he found it with the Titans. And the struggle for acceptance, and his inability to find it in a way that’s meaningful. And some bad breaks, honestly, that he got, result in him having to kind of find acceptance in the hands of someone who has a different… who doesn’t have good intentions for him. So it felt like the right time to kind of segue that with the villain that we were using this season.”

Comicboook.com’s Talking Shop actually spoke to Walters ahead of Season 3. He sounded pretty hopeful to have the chance to put on the Red Hood and get the chance to do this so soon. “Yeah, I mean, that would be pretty cool,” Walters said of being Red Hood potentially. “I mean, it all depends on what the team thinks and where the Titans writers decide to go so. It’d be cool if we even got to the storyline on Titans someday. We’ll definitely see.”

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