Top 4 Online Strategy Games to Play with Friends

Gaming has always been a source of entertainment and comfort for many of us, and over the past year, online gaming became our means of interaction in a socially distanced world. Through online games, players get to reap mental and social benefits, including a sense of belongingness and community. As a result, the gaming industry has maximized technology in connecting players — even from opposite sides of the world. Now, more multiplayer games of varying genres are continuously being developed.

If you also enjoy gaming, socializing, and decision-making, here are four online strategy games you can play with your friends.

Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens is a popular multiplayer card game described as the “kitty-powered version of Russian roulette.” The game requires players to strategically draw cards until one ends up with an exploding kitten and gets thrown out of the game — unless they have a Defuse Card, which can disarm the kitten with tricks like laser pointers and belly rubs.

As the game progresses, there will be fewer cards left in the deck, which means there is a greater chance of drawing the aforementioned deadly kitten and exploding into scattered pieces in defeat. In the Android version of the app, there is a broad gauge that will show players the possibility that one of them might get the exploding kitten, which only amps up the pressure — and excitement — of the game.


Dominion is a medieval-themed deck-building card game that challenges players to get the most victory points. Each player has their own deck containing cards that can be used to perform actions against their opponents or buy more valuable cards from the common pool. From here, they can then strategize how to accumulate wealth and block their opponents from building their decks.

Because of its interesting concept, the game has captured the hearts of millions of players, and as a result, it has released several expansion packs over the years. Its online counterpart is free to play, but add-on cards may be purchased.


Over the decades, poker has become a cultural phenomenon and a staple in every game room — making it virtually synonymous to casinos. But on the 1st of January 1998, the game went beyond the traditional casino, and the first real-money virtual poker hand was dealt at the poker site Planet Poker. And since then, online poker sites have launched left and right.

So for those wanting to play with friends no matter where they may be, now is a good time to brush up on your poker terms. Go all-in with friends, try to avoid disappointments with bad beats, and work on your bluffing skills through apps like Zynga Poker or the World Series of Poker app. Just be sure to avoid angle shooting, lest you want to risk your friendships!


Released in 2017, Fortnite quickly became a massive hit, with more than 350 million players as of last year. It is a fast-paced, action-packed game of strategy and survival, where 100 players must fight each other until only one remains.

Players equipped only with an axe parachute onto an island, where they have to scavenge for resources and avoid a killer storm. They can team up and even communicate throughout the game, adding the element of social interaction. As players get killed one by one, the game’s map also gets smaller, putting the remaining players closer together and increasing the sense of urgency.

All in all, these four games will make you sweat, strategize, and socialize! And now that game nights are becoming more popular than ever, what’s your favorite game?

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