“Truth to be Told” Season 2 Featurette to Bring You to the Edge of Your Seat

Octavia Spencer and Kate Hudson showcase their close bond

The second season of ‘Truth to be Told’ is going to release on August 20. Fans really loved the first season and here is everything you need to know about their next season. This drama series is based on a novel by Kathleen Barber. ‘Are you Sleeping’ is the name of the novel which got released in 2017.

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Kate Hudson and Octavia Spencer play the main role in the series. Spencer plays the role of a journalist named Poppy Parnell who is voicing a true-crime podcast. Along with this Spencer is also the producer of the show. Reese Witherspoon who also won an Oscar is another producer of the show.

However, Hudson is comparatively a new character in the show. She is known to be Poppy’s childhood friend who is coming in the second season as an important character.

Real-life and Reel life dynamics

The characters played by Hudson and Spencer do not seem to go along well in the series. However, in real life, Spencer and Kate are very good friends and have a lot of respect and love for each other. In a newly released featurette video by Apple TV we saw Spencer and Hudson talking to each other. Where Hudson admitted that she was drawn to this project particularly because Spencer was a part of this project. To which, Spencer also agreed that she is glad to work with Hudson. It was such an amazing experience for both of her.

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In this season we can expect a totally new case with a new story. Since, in the first season, the story was revolving around Warren Cave who was convicted for the murder. Whereas in this season we will see Parnell helping Keith with Keith’s husband’s murder.

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