TvN to Cast Lee Jong Suk and Girls Generation’s Yoona In “Big Mouth”

Pinocchio starring Lee Jong and Girls Generation’s Yoon-A are finally together in a drama

It was not like fans were expecting South Korean stars Lee Jong Suk and Yoon-A in a TV drama particularly. However, fans are appreciating the choice of the production team of “Big Mouth”. Moreover, as Lee Jong will be returning to Kdrama after a gap of three years, fans are extra excited to see him. Yoon-A and Lee Jong will play the role of a married couple.

Other cast members apart from Lee Jong and Yoon-A are also finalized. Moreover, the possible synopsis is also out for the upcoming Kdrama. However, the release date of the show is still a mystery. But “Big Mouth” is probably set to release in 2022. Additionally, there is no trailer for “Big Mouth” yet.

Read below to know more about Yoon-A and Lee Jong casting in “Big Mouth”.

Lee Jong and Yoon-A in Big Mouth
Credit: Allkpop

Leo Jeong Suk and Yoon-A in “Big Mouth”

There were whispers that both of them would be getting a drama together. Now it is final that Leo Jeong and Yoon-A are in lead roles in “Big Mouth”. Apart from Leo and Yoon-A “Big Mouth” will also star Yang Kyung Won (Crash Landing On you), Kim Joo Heon (Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol), and Kwak Dong Yeon (Vincenzo).

Lee Jong and Yoon-A in Big Mouth
Credit: Instagram | Yoon-A

Synopsis of “Big Mouth”

Park Chang-Ho (Lee Jong-Suk) is a lawyer who is known for only a 10% winning rate. He is an extrovert & verbose and thus people call him Big Mouth. Park somehow gets involved in a life-threatening situation where is assumed as s genius swindler Big Mouse. His wife Go Mi-Ho (Yoon-A) is a beautiful woman who is a nurse by profession. She was the one who helped her husband to become a lawyer and helped him financially meanwhile. However, she suspects that Park is the infamous Big Mouse and thus she attempts to clean Park’s name.

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