‘TWICE’ Dazzles in the New Concept Photo for the Upcoming Single

Twice release new concept photos for their latest single and they look dazzling!

TWICE are on their way to go global. Fans are super excited as the band will be releasing their first-ever single in English language soon. The upcoming single is titled as ‘The Feels’

They have also released a spoiler teaser for the same.

Twice is a popular South Korean Girl group that was formed by JYP entertainment. The group has nine band members. Momo , Sana , Mina , Jeongyeon , Jihyo , Tzuyu , Chaeyoung , Nayeon and Dahyun are the nine members of the band. They have been active since seven years.

credit : TWICE | Instagram

Their music branches out to various genres including J-pop and K-pop.

The much anticipated single is scheduled to release next month. It will release on the first of October at 1 .pm Korean standard time. It will be midnight according to EST when the single releases.

Everything else you need to know

The fans got their happy pill in June when the band announced their upcoming single. Later in August, the band dropped two more images. On August 2nd the group drooped a mysterious image saying ” Oh ! You got my attention.” The second image dropped on 4th August and said ” Uh, I’m so curious.”

credit : TWICE | Instagram

The band revealed two days later that the images have been hinting at TWICE’s first-ever single ” the feels” that will be fully in the English language. The third graphic had an invitation for Prom 2021. The caption read ” Where are we going tonight. ”

Fans were ecstatic with the news and gave a strong answer to those who were criticizing the band . They said ” You go, girls, Why can’t music be enjoyed in any language?” They were excited to enjoy new English songs by their favourite band.

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