Twitch and TimTheTatman Team Up with Sour Patch Kids

Twitch and one of the platform’s most popular streamers, TimTheTatman, have partnered up with the Sour Patch Kids brand to release a new product. The TimTheTatman-branded mix of Sour Patch Kids features a couple of different flavors the streamer prefers as well as an incentive for Twitch viewers to earn Twitch Bits which they can then use with their Twitch accounts while watching streams. The products in question come in two different sizes with varying amounts of Twitch Bits included, and you can pick them up now if you’re interested.

The collaboration between Twitch, the streamer, and the candy brand was announced on Wednesday with plans to conduct some collaborative streams this week featuring TimTheTatman himself. The first of those will be conducted on July 1st followed by another on July 8th and then a final one on July 13th. It hasn’t been said yet what games the streamer will be playing, but the Sour Patch Kids site said to tune in and keep an eye out “for other sweet surprises,” so perhaps there will be giveaways of some sort held during those streams.

Whether stuff is given away or not, you can purchase the Sour Patch Kids/TimTheTatman collaboration product outright if you just want some Sour Patch Kids and have a use for Twitch Bits. There’s a 2-pound box that costs $24.99 and comes with 2,500 Twitch Bits and a 5-pound box that costs $44.99 and comes with 4,500 Twitch Bits. Both feature TimTheTatman’s logo on them along with the face of the streamer himself if you’re into collecting limited-edition snacking merch. Both boxes come with the blue raspberry, strawberry, and lime flavors.

For those who were in the market for pounds of Sour Patch Kids anyway, the deal isn’t a bad one if you plan to use the Twitch Bits. The boxes cost the same as they would if you’d purchase a custom mix yourself in the corresponding sizes, so the Twitch Bits are essentially free on top of the candy itself. Purchasing 1,500 Twitch Bits through the streaming platform would typically cost $19.95, for comparison.

You can find out more about Twitch Bits here as well as more details on the collaboration through the Sour Patch Kids site.

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