Two Love Islands Stars Were Brutally Casted Out Of The Show After They Were Voted For Least Favourite Couple

The Public had the final say- a couple went home last night

The seventh series of Love Island has come out to be more interesting than ever. It started broadcasting on 28th June 2021 and Laura Whitmore is currently hosting the show. The show was supposed to be premiere in summer 2020 but due to COVID-19 soaring cases, the show was post postponed for sine die. The show was also rumoured to welcome LGBT members, however, the rumors were denied saying there are “logistical difficulties”.

Well, last night at the show, was way interesting than anyone could ever imagine.

One couple lost the battle out of the three who were at risk

Two love island members went home last night after they were choose out to be the least favorite couple. Three couple that includes Faye Winter & Teddy Soares, Priya Gopaldas & Brett Staniland, Mary Bedford & Aaron Simpson and Liberty Poole & Jake Cornish were some of the couple that were at risk. However, at the end of the episode it was clear that who is the black sheep. Priya and Brett were the two lovers who were voted out of love island.

The rule of the game is that the couple with the most votes stays in the island. Similarly, couple with the least vote has to leave the island. So according to the rule, Priya and Brett were voted out to stay out of island.

What were Priya and Brett’s views on the voting?

After getting out of the island Brett said that he is fine with the decision. He said that he and Priya will work on each other no matter if they stays friend our couple in future. While Priya added that she has made a lot friends in the island. She said that she and Brett were only friendship couple so it was inevitable that they were going to leave.

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