Ultimate Chemistry of Jessica Chastain & Oscar Isaac Displayed at Venice Film Festival

Their debut project seems to be going well

Their first project as a couple seems to go well. It is very emotional. It is said that they both met each other at college and they are friends ever since. Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac are playing husband and wife in the recent series.

Their chemistry seems to be soo good as they were recently seen at the 78th Venice Film Festival on Saturday. Before, Jessica has played a role in Molly’s Game who is 44 years old. Oscar Isaac has played role in Mandalorian and is 42 years old. They showed sweet couples like chemistry on the red carpet. Oscar was wearing a deluxe tuxedo and Jessica worse a beautiful orange-red dress.

In the event, they were mirroring their characters. They put a cozy display of a couple. Even the actor Oscar seemed to ask for Jessica’s hand in marriage. They got clicked in some beautiful pictures while posing for the camera.

Posing for the camera

In one picture Jessica put her hand around Oscar and they are looking so cute the picture. The true reason for their genuine chemistry is because they are together ever since college. They are very old friends. When they were asked to play as married couples they were very happy with the idea. Both of them studied in Juilliard arts school. They are portraying Mira and Jonathan in HBO series.

Jessica Chastain and Oscar Isaac
HBO | Jojo Whilden

Their series is about a couple who live in the United States is going through the ups and downs of love, marriage, monogamy, and divorce. Hagai Levi is the director of the series.

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