Upcoming K-Drama “High Class” Provides Major Insight into the Characters & Raises Questions

Latest Updates On The Mystery Suspense Drama

K-Drama’s have a unique variety of contents to amuse the fans. The latest drama ‘High Class’ is one such show which is set to be released on September 6, 2021. The production house released the teaser of the show which looks very intense. However, it shows the lives of four mothers and their children in a ultra- luxurious school.

Focusing on their lives which includes lies, mystery and dirty secrets behind their perfect life. The teaser of the show depicts the Korean women’s perfect life with many drawbacks. As the teaser displayed, suspense and mystery is surrounded throughout the story.

Story line Of The Show

As the teaser exhibits the secret and mysterious life of Song Yeo Wool a lawyer who looses everything after being framed for her husband’s murder. She feels confident about her son pursuing his education in a school located on a island paradise. The show express the quest of a mother’s search for a perfect life of their children.

Song Yeo Wool’s life is changed when she meets the mother of her son’s friend. Because she unveils the mystery of her husband’s death. She is seen happy when her son studies in an international school. The school, literary teaches everything that students need in their life. From classical music to hockey it is considered as the most important thing.

Snippets from the new show High Class

Gradually she is seen to be hated among the parents as rumours spread of her being a murderer. She then feels like someone is stalking her the whole time and the message on the mirror turned her life upside down. As these things surrounds her, she is on a run to unveil the mystery all by herself.

What To Expect From The Teaser?

Song Yeo Wool receives an invitation but unknowing of the reason or the sender. To see the mystery unveiling and the process to find it makes a must watch. The show also stars Hwang Na Yoon(Park Se Jin) and Danny Oh(Ha Jun). Both are the only friends for Song Yeo Wool in the whole island.

snippets from the new show High class

Finally, the teaser is jam-packed with suspense, mystery, dark secrets, hatred and lies. Overcoming every odds is the main job for Song Yeo Wool to stop running from the truth.

The show depicts the single mother and her fight to never quit in protecting her son from all evils. High Class is a plethora of things that covers the truth and a fight to uncover the truth.

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