Upcoming K-drama ‘Show Window’ Starring Jun So Min Ropes in more Popular Faces

Another drama to look forward to

The popular actress Jun So Min has just received an offer from a casting agency to appear in an upcoming drama ‘Show Window’. In addition, the drama also stars Song Yoon Ah and Lee Sung Jae. Briefly, the story revolves around a woman named Han Sun Joo, who supports the affair of another woman. However, it’s her husband who’s involved in the affair. Han Sun Joo will be played by Song Yoon Ah according to a previous report. In contrast, Lee Sung Jae will play her husband Shin Myung Seob. Chan Sung has been rumored to play Han Jung Won, the younger brother of Han Sun Joo. The woman with whom Hung is involved is Yoon Mi Ra, played by Jeon So Min. The show will air from 5 to 21 November, 2021.

'Show Window'
Credit: Instagram @songyoona2015

The plot and personalities of the characters

Song Yun Ah plays the main character, Han Sun Joo. Hansun Joo is a woman of great looks and intelligence, as well as substantial wealth. Furthermore, she is a great mother and wife, helping her husband with her fantastic abilities and raising her son meticulously. Han Sun Joo’s husband is Shin Myung Seop. After marrying into his mother-in-law’s company, Lahen Group, Shin gradually climbs the corporate ladder at the company. Among Yoon Mi Ra, the woman who shakes up Shin Myung Seop’s heart . Yoon Mi Ra possesses a charm and a beautiful face that makes her appear unique wherever she goes. She is devoted to following her passions and dreams. Last but not least, Han Jung Won is Han Sun Joo’s younger brother. He is someone who relies on and trusts his sister the most since she’s positive and warm-hearted.

'Show Window'
Credit: Instagram @jsomin86

Release and upcoming episodes

In total, there are 16 episodes. With a top-notch cast. Lee sung Jae, Song Yoon Ah, Jeon So Min, Hwang Chan Sung, and Oh Seung Un make up the cast. Also, only Saturday and Friday will see the release of this drama. The show will finally air on November 5, 2021.

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