Vacation Friends’ Robert Wisdom and Andrew Bachelor Talk Biggest Surprises, Clowns, Taking Punches, and More

A Vacation Friend is someone you only hang out with while on vacation, but as Marcus and Emily soon learn in Hulu’s Vacation Friends, that is not the case when it comes to Ron and Kyla. Whether it’s just to grab some dinner, catch a movie, or yes, even come to the wedding, Ron and Kyla are along for the ride. That said, that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and they are quite handy to have around when you’re dealing with difficult family members, family like Emily’s father Harold (Robert Wisdom) or her brother Gabe (Andrew Bachelor). Both aren’t keen on Marcus and have their own reasons for disliking him, though they absolutely love Ron. had the chance to speak to Wisdom and Bachelor all about the film, that epic clown scene, and who had a better knock-out fall, Bachelor or Cena.

First we wanted to know what they enjoyed most about the experience and what surprised them most, and for the latter, the pandemic presented a number of challenges in filming.

“Well, we started filming it during the pandemic, so that was a surprise. We didn’t expect that to happen. And it was a learning experience just for the protocols that we had to go through with COVID, taking the COVID tests every other day, quarantine in the hotel through the duration of the project. It gave us a sense of freedom when we were led out to set to be able to create and entertain. So yeah, overall the experience was great,” Bachelor said.

“And for me, it was not feeling like a dork amongst here all these great comedians, you know? I’m coming from drama and they were all so funny. And I was like, ‘All right, man. What do I do?’ But at the end, it was just, it was an ensemble. It was just a bunch of great people who were saying great words, and having fun, and showed up every day for it,” Wisdom said. “So it was like it was really, it was a great cast. I really miss everybody and the time we had shooting it. It was great, even though it was stressful with COVID. It was the first big COVID project last year, but we did it.”

For those who have seen the film, there is one hilarious sequence involving a fox, some mushrooms, and Harold looking a bit unlike himself in Marcus’ eyes, which may or may not involve clown makeup. When we asked if he really wore that makeup, he wasn’t spilling. “I ain’t going to say nothing. Because I just know it was funny. Yeah. I didn’t expect that. That was Clay’s idea and it’s a killer. It’s a killer,” Wisdom said.

One of the best running jokes in the film involves Gabe and Marcus talking about a punch Marcus gave Gabe, knocking him out. Gabe’s knock out punch drop to the floor is hilarious, as is a scene later that sees Marcus choke out Ron. So, we had to ask who had the better fall, Bachelor or Cena?

“I’m going to say Cena’s a trained professional on getting knocked down and hitting that canvas, so I’m going to go with him and I’m a close second. I’m learning,” Bachelor said.

Vacation Friends is streaming on Hulu now.

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