Valheim Hearth & Home Update Released, Patch Notes Revealed

It’s been a long time coming, but Valheim’s Hearth & Home update is finally here with a full set of patch notes to detail everything that’s changed. This release follows numerous previews of the update that catalogued changes made to the food system, players’ settlements they constructed, and much more. It’s one of the most significant updates the game’s gotten seeing how it’s been teased so long, and it’s available to download now for all Valheim players.

While the focus of many of the previews have been on things related to the homes players construct, you may also be surprised to see if you haven’t been following along with the previews that things like combat have changed, too. Some weapons now function differently in combat based on other changes made to food and resources players consume, so keep that in mind before you start building or fighting.

Below are the full patch notes for Valheim’s big Hearth & Home update.

General improvements

  • Weapons rebalanced (All weapons have been rebalanced to be more viable as main weapon and also have more unique playstyles)
  • Blocking system overhauled (Current maximum hp now greatly affects your ability to block attacks, stagger bar gui added)
  • Naming tamed creatures
  • Gamepad sensitivity settings
  • Auto-pickup toggle button added
  • Graphics settings (Active point lights & Active point light shadows)
  • Tamed creatures affected by friendly fire setting (i.e you can’t hurt a tamed creature unless you enable friendly fire or use the new Butcher knife item)
  • Various other improvements and bugfixes


  • Food rebalance (Most food items now give mainly stamina or mainly health to make food choices more interesting)
  • Food GUI overhauled to work better with the rebalanced food
  • Over 10 new things to eat (Actually 12)


  • Tamed Lox now have a purpose
  • Slimy locations & creatures added to plains
  • New plantable seeds: Birch, Oak & Onions


  • New weapons: Crystal battleaxe, Silver knife
  • New shields: Bone tower shield, Iron buckler
  • Butcher knife (Special weapon for butchering tamed animals)
  • Thunder stone (Sold by trader)
  • Lox accessory
  • Building
  • New Darkwood building pieces like shingle roofs, beams, decorations and more
  • New types of furniture, including but not limited to a mighty stone throne and a steamy viking hot tub
  • Crystal walls
  • New types of stacks to show off your treasure and resources
  • Cauldron improvements: Spice rack, Butcher’s table, Pots and pans
  • Cartography table (For sharing map-data with other players)
  • Oven added (For baking bread and pie)
  • Obliterator added (Items be gone)
  • Iron cooking station (Required to cook some types of meat)

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