Watchmen Fans Are Comparing Henry Winkler to Ozymandias After Viral Tweet

Henry Winkler woke up the Watchmen fans today when he tweeted about the world being divided. It wasn’t long before people started photoshopping the Happy Days actor into Ozymandias’ place. For The Fonz, he was just observing how strained and distant American society seems to be at this juncture. However, asking if a shared disaster would solve that seems particularly misguided when that fictional example has been discussed on TV in recent memory and a full movie treatment from Zack Snyder. At any rate, it was yet another opportunity for Watchmen fans to flex those photoshop muscles. This also presents the Internet at large with the opportunity to laugh at something together after a bit of a weird week on social media. Check out some of the funniest Winkler Ozymandias jokes down below:

In Watchmen, the mad genius was played by Jeremy Irons. He talked to IGN about how all the former hero’s decisions make a certain bit of logical sense back in 2019.

“I think anybody must properly carry a bit of guilt,” Irons mused about his weird celestial prison during the HBO series. “And guilt is a bit of a prison, isn’t it? So I think we probably get the feeling that he does feel imprisoned in a sort of way in his life, and he’s trying to change his life and trying to fill his life so that he has something to do, which is probably how most people feel. … You try to generate enthusiasm in your soul by doing what you do well.”

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