WayV Lucas & Hendery Surprises with Next Duo Collaboration

WayV Lucas & Hendery’s Spiciest ‘Jalapeno’

WayV is considered to be a self-made boy-band. They are trying to pave the way and bring something new to the Global music. It also has a plethora of listenable genres which hypnotizes the listeners. Jalapeno is new to the list.

With this being the fact. WayV is all set to release its new single featuring Lucas and Hendery, ‘Jalapeno’. Now, it is time for the listeners to give a try for this new song. WayV being in China it is very popular internationally. Generally, WayV are quite active during these times although they debuted in 2019. For a general fan of WayV it is ‘can’t wait’ moment as they are about to welcome a new single.

Instagram post on the announcement of the new single Jalapeno
Instagram/ WayV

How Are The Fans Reacting To The Announcement?

Considering the 6 million followers on Instagram the announcement has left the fans mesmerized. The comments too are very pleasing as the fans are wishing them good luck.

Fans reacted to its concept photo as Lucas and Hendery were both looking powerful and bold. The photo is very alluring and raising heat of the song’s atmosphere.

Fans are already stargazing of how the song will come out. Concerning these facts it may hold a good position in music charts.

Reflection On The Group

Lucas and Hendery's looks for the song Jalapeno
Instagram/ WayV

WayV’s songs have views which are above 3 million and Jalapeno certainly reach its height. However, their popularity is quite high and their talents and performance will surely lift them . Previous songs of Ten and YangYang’s ‘Low Low’ and Kun and Xiaojun’s ‘Back to You’ has had good reviews. Despite their cultural diversity, fans praise their voice and their work.

Earlier this year they released a mini-album called ‘Kick Back’ and fans feel it ‘mature’. Nevertheless, they are just improving from where they started, even during pandemic they never failed to entertain the fans.

Basically, WayV are about to contribute another hit to the fans.

Jalapeno will rock the listeners ears for sure, as WayV already have promising fan-base which is growing each year.

Lucas and Henedery’s Jalapeno will release on August 25, 6 P.M KST. Get ready to witness the hottest single very soon.

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