Weather Anchor Al Roker Honours Willard Scott, Called him “Second Dad”

Al Roker’s emotional tribute

Al Roker’s Co-host Willard Scott at the age of 87 left this world on September 4, 2021. He has been a Well known weatherman in NBC Today for more than three decades. Willard begun his career in NBC 65 years ago. When Al Roker’s was 22 he met Willard in Washington.

Once Al said Willard is his inspiration. Added if it wasn’t for Willard he wouldn’t stand in the position then. In response Willard praised him.

Al posted a pic of him and Willard on Instagram yesterday and shared his personal opinion about Willard and his amazing personality. He said Willard is second dad to him.

In that post Al captioned ” We lost a adorable host of @todayshow today morning. Scott left us peacefully at his 87 surrounded by all his lovely family members, Willard’s wife as well as his both daughters in Paris”

“Willard is my another father, I’m in this position now all because of his guidance”. Al praised him as a ultimate weather broadcaster and incomparable person. Added “He was successful broadcaster”.

Al’s post reached more than 80,930 likes and collected 4772 comments on Saturday.

Willard's with Al
Credits: Instagram

On the same day he shared a tweet too

Today accolade my close friend, Scott is lovely person I will tell you the reason why he is an amazing America’s Weatherman to the whole country.

“He is the only weather broadcaster cherished by many people and made many happy”

Al Roker
Credits: Instagram

Scott began “Today” in 1980 and quickly became known for his ability to connect with audiences. He greets happy birthday to followers who had reached 100 – a trend that the network claims has only grown in popularity over time. His charisma had been on display during a 1983 broadcast when he dressed up as Brazilian singer Carmen Miranda in order to receive a $1,000 gift to the USO.

Scott remarked of his Carmen Miranda prank in a 1987 interview with the New York Times: “People thought I was a knucklehead for doing it. Well, I’ve always been a buffoon. That’s how I perform.”

He expressed his gratitude to his audience by saying: “I simply adore humans. Following that, a large number of speakers on the talk circuit depart. I spend a lot of time schmoozing. I’m as though I’m a dog. You simply open the door, and I go ‘rrrr, rrrr,’ before licking everyone’s face.”

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