What is Lee Min Ho’s Net Worth? The Korean Heartthrob is One of the Highest Paid Actor of All-time

The South Korean actor holds a great strength financially

Undoubtedly, Lee Min Ho is the most wonderful actor of South Korea of all the time. Moreover, anyone who is big fan of Korean industry knowns very well about the charming actor. He has appeared in several South Korean drama that include most recent “The King-Eternal Monarch”. Moreover, the actor is the first Korean artist to have his statue at Madame Tussauds and this accomplishment is big itself.

Below, we will learn a lot about Lee Min especially how he managed to accomplish a millionaire status.

Lee Min Ho Net Worth

He is one of the highest paid actor in South Korea. Lee Min Ho estimated net worth is $10 million. charge at least $62,000 for per episode of any drama he acts in. His latest dramas and films are “Mackerel Run”, “Get Up”, “I am Sam”, “Public Enemy Returns”, “Boy Over flowers”, “City Hunter”, “Happy Camp”, “The Heirs”, “Legend of the Blue Sea” and “Bounty Hunters”.

His net worth also includes contribution of the big endorsements he does. However, we do not have any information about his homes and other investments details.

Lee Min Ho Career Success

12 years ago, Lee Min Ho received a major role in the South Korean drama “Boy Over Flowers”. Once the drama flipped out, it received top ratings in South Korea. The role he portrayed in this drama gave him the success and accomplishment he was starving for. He also represents various global institutions and campaigns for them globally.

He has also served the military on 12 May 2017 however due to his injuries from accidents he was discharged from the military on 25th April 2019. Therefore, his active duty soldier was filled with numerous accidents and injuries.

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