What is the Name of Vegeta’s New God Form?

Dragon Ball Super gave Vegeta a godly new form with the newest chapter of the manga series, but now the main question is, what exactly is the name of Vegeta’s new transformation? The newest chapter of the series brings the next step of the Granolah the Survivor saga another step forward, and fans had been especially excited to see what comes next as following Goku’s defeat (even with the more mastered use of his Ultra Instinct form), Vegeta was poised to take on Granolah next. Making matters more interesting was the different kind of confidence than he had in the past.

The newest chapter of the series then revealed why Vegeta was so confident in his fight against Granolah as not only did he learn about Hakai and how to use it during his training with Beerus, he had turned this into a brand new form unlike Goku’s Ultra Instinct. This new form burned with a godlike ki that felt immediately familiar to Goku and gave Vegeta a Beerus like look. As for what its name could be, ComicBook.com’s audience had some suggestions:

Outside of just wanting Vegeta to actually clutch the win against Granolah, which would be bucking the trend of Vegeta’s major fights in the past, the name fans seem to be pointing towards is Super Saiyan God of Destruction. Not only would this give it a fun “SSGOD” moniker, but would further playing into the Super Saiyan God namesakes we have seen for this godly new levels in Dragon Ball Super thus far. But it also might not be a Super Saiyan form at all.

The name of Vegeta’s form could work like Ultra Instinct and be something distinct altogether from his Super Saiyan transformations. When Vegeta transforms, he notably says that he learned from a God of Destruction “that power derived solely from instinct is unbounded.” If this plays into the naming of the form, we could very well see Vegeta call his new form something along the lines of “Unbounded Instinct.”

But what do you think the name of Vegeta’s new form will be? Will it have ties to Super Saiyan God? Will it be closer connected to Ultra Instinct? Will it be something completely new altogether? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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