What’s Stored for the Fans at the Netflix Global Event Coming and How to Watch it? Details Below

Get to see some major news, trailers, and celebrity appearances

Netflix will start a global fan event later this evening – Tudum. Named after the sound made when the Netflix title drops, the show will share a big slate of news, trailers, and celebrity appearances. Netflix is currently the streaming service with the biggest amount of subscribers – 209 million to be exact. However, it continues to face stiff competition from rivals like Disney+, HBO Max, Apple TV Plus, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and others. Anybody who is curious about the streamer’s upcoming titles should stay back and watch.

All about Tudum

Tudum promo

Tudum is a global mega event, meaning it’s going to premiere everywhere. It’s a first of a kind for even a streaming giant like Netflix, and kicks off on Saturday. 145 celebrities will join to promote their upcoming projects, and a total of 70-plus series and 28 films will be discussed. Therefore, the event will be slightly longer than 3 hours. You will get to see exclusive clips and news from upcoming series like Stranger Things, The Sandman, Cobra Kai, The Witcher, and movies like Red Notice. Dwayne Johnson himself will arrive to promote his new movie.

Tudum may be the biggest event yet, but Netflix has hosted online fan events during the pandemic. Back in June, they hosted the Geeked Week riff on a virtual Comic Con-style event.

Tudum will broadcast in 29 langauges.

As for where to watch Tudum, it will stream on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch.

Schedule for Tudum

Tudum schedule

Here is an hour-by-hour breakdown of all there is to see on Tudum. This will help you get information on the shows and movies you are interested in.

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