Why Chris Jericho’s AEW Career Is Probably Not Ending at All Out

Chris Jericho is 0 for 3 against MJF in AEW, and last time around fell to his former ally after a grueling set of trials. Now Jericho has challenged MJF one more time, but to make sure this is the last time, MJF added the stipulation that if he wins Jericho’s wrestling career in AEW is over. That got some to wonder if this could end up being Jericho’s last match in AEW, but there are two main factors that suggest Jericho will beat MJF at All Out or find some way out of the stipulation. Regardless of how it’s done, Jericho isn’t likely to leave AEW just yet, and it starts with Jericho’s contract (via CagesideSeats).

According to the Wrestling Observer, Jericho’s three-year deal with All Elite Wrestling doesn’t run out until January of next year (2022), and there is an option for an additional year. That’s still quite a bit of time to have someone commanding top money just sit on the sidelines because of a stipulation, and when you factor in the option for another year, if that is accepted there’s no way it happens.

The second main factor is a quote from Jericho himself. During an appearance on Audacy’s Bubba Show, Jericho talked about his last match and what fans can expect from it, and it doesn’t sound like this upcoming match at All Out fits the description.

“Whenever I have the last match, who knows when that might be, it all depends on what the storyline is and what’s going on at the time,” Jericho said. “But I don’t think I’m going to be one of those guys that has like, ‘This is the last match!’ And it’s the big bruhaha, and cry at the end of it as Jericho wipes the tears away and goes, ‘Thank you for the memories!’

“I’m not that type of guy. I don’t care about that sort of stuff. So when I have my last match, you might not even know it,” Jericho said. “It just depends. As long as I can continue to perform at the highest of levels, that I feel that I can, then I’ll keep going. And when I feel that I can’t, then I’ll step aside. And when that is, who knows? And who that’s gonna be against, like I said, it all depends on where we’re at at the time.”

So, do you think Jericho’s swan song will happen at All Out? Let us know in the comments and you can also talk all things wrestling with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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