Why Did Kenny Omega Retain the AAA Mega Championship Against Andrade El Idolo?

Kenny Omega successfully retained the AAA Mega Championship during the TripleMania XXIX event in Mexico City on Saturday night, defeating Andrade El Idolo after smacking him in the face with the title and hitting the One-Winged Angel. But while the win keeps Omega looking strong, it did come as a bit of a surprise to fans following “The Belt Collector.” He just lost the Impact World Championship to Christian Cage a day prior at AEW Rampage‘s premiere and El Idolo shockingly arrived at the match with “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair in his corner. It turns out, according to the Wrestling Observer‘s Dave Meltzer, Andrade’s victory was the original plan.

However, Meltzer noted that AEW has creative control over Omega’s finishes in other companies and that promotion officials turned down their world champion losing. Meltzer speculated that it was possible AEW officials didn’t want Omega losing on back-to-back nights.

The win keeps Omega’s title reign rolling at 666 days, making it the second-longest reign in company history behind El Texano Jr.’s 735-day reign from 2012-14. His defenses with the gold have been few and far between, though he has defended the title twice on AEW programming, so perhaps Tony Khan will have a rematch between Omega and El Idolo down the line.

Omega’s next title defense is scheduled for Sept. 5 at All Out, where he is currently booked to face Cage once again. Despite putting on some of the best work of his career since becoming AEW World Champion, Omega will be the first to admit he’s been pretty beat-up throughout his reign.

“It’s a blessing but a curse,” he said while on Scorpio Sky’s Wrestling With The Week earlier this year. “As champion, you get some high-quality matches, you become the focal point of the shows, but at the same time, there’s a schedule that is required and a demand for your body and health and your psychological health as well. There’s just a lot that goes into being a champion.t’s cool to look at pictures and be like, ‘wow, look at all these belts,’ but then I think, ‘Man, I have to defend these. I’ve got to make time to defend these. I have to be that guy for the company somehow. And you just count the days and weeks that you’re available to do it. It’s requiring a lot of multi-tasking. But I’m still hanging on. And I can do it right now, so I’m going to do it. It may be my last hurrah, but I’m going to do it.”

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