With New Developments, What’s the Ultimate Status of the Fourth Season?

The streamer hasn’t given an official confirmation, but filming began in July 2021

Before we get to the latest updates, here’s a quick recap on Virgin River. The series is adapted from the book by Robyn Carr. It tells the story of Mel, a young nurse practitioner and midwife who moves from the city to Virgin River, a fictional town in Northern California.

Three seasons have released since it first came in 2019, and we saw Mel meeting numerous people in the small town. The series never runs out drama, but it is the feel-good kind. Therefore everything works out well.

Season 4 shooting status


As of writing, Netflix hasn’t made an announcement regarding the fourth season. But filming has already commenced in its location at Vancouver, Canada in late July 2021.

Tim Matheson, who plays Doctor Vernon Mullins in the show did an interview with RadioTimes following the premiere of season 3. Matheson revealed that filming will begin “any day now.”

Another source turned out to be Watershed Grill on Instagram. The Watershed Grill is the location for Jack’s Bar in the series, and through their posts, we understood that filming took place on August 17th and 18th. More filming took place between August 30th and September 2nd.

The latest reports revealed that the shooting is about to end on November 30th, 2021.

Tue show’s popularity


It wouldn’t be surprising if Netflix makes an announcement regarding the show’s renewal. Seasons 2 and 3 were renewed before the previous season aired. For instance, season 3 was filmed during season 2’s release.

The series continues to be popular on Netflix, and the Top 10 data concludes that it’s a hit. Virgin River stayed in the Top 10s for 75 days, and season 3 was #1 in the United States for over 2 weeks.

As for the release, don’t expect it to come out in 2021. The shoot finishes in November, so we can start expecting a release between April and July 2022.

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