World War II Releases an Emotional Trailer

Impact on Children

The World War II game Torn Away explores the impact of war on children. The game is developed by game developers Perelesoq and Nordcurrent. They recently released its emotional trailer.

The title Torn Away captures the essence of the premise. It is inspired by children’s diaries from the war. It is the story of a little girl named Asya who has been orphaned during the war. Aysa has escaped from a labour camp in Poland. The players must navigate the snowy lands of Germany and Poland and help Aysa find her way back home.

torn away
Credit: IGC

The game consists of multiple genres including Puzzles, stealth games and side scrollers subsequently, creating one of a kind experience for the player.

The trailer depicts the world war II conditions accurately. Furthermore, Players must find shelter, food and basic amenities to survive. Nature and weather conditions are hard and resources are scarce. Additionally, The players have to evade multiple soldiers, weapons and pass through a land where everyday terror Reigns. Without losing humanity and staying strong is how the players will emerge victoriously

The Goal

torn away
credit : Perelesoq | Instagram

Torn away attempts to generate an empathetic experience for the user. It leads to Refocusing the conversation around war and violence-torn away touches hearts. The goal of the studio is to use beautiful imagery, music and thoughtful storytelling to captivate the essence of the war.

According to Perelsoq, torn away is much more than a game or an entertainment product. It is a distinct way to understand the tragedies of war that occurred from an innocent child’s perspective.

Understanding and empathy are the need of the hour and the game will provide the player with every bit of it. Torn Away is coming this winter and the creators are excited to share it. The game will be available on steam later in 2021.

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