World’s End Harem Rescheduled to January 2022! Details Below

World’s End Harem anime series’ new episodes to be delayed till January 2022

World’s End Harem anime series reportedly delayed until January 2022, the official website reveals. Indeed it’s pretty awful news for the fans looking forward to the series. The anime series had to premiere on Friday, October 8. Meaning, the delay news came on the same day the series was supposed to hit the screens.

World's End Harem delayed

Why the delay?

The official website of the anime series World’s End Harem revealed on Friday that the series will not air until January 2022. They did mention a reason that the anime series’ production needs to be “closely scrutinized”. Further, the anime’s production team tweeted on their official Twitter account explaining the same and apologized for the delay. Nonetheless, the website didn’t reveal a new schedule for the delayed episodes.

But, it’s truly intriguing as to why the news came on the exact day of the series premiere. Although the website revealed the reason behind the delay, surely there will be a lot of speculation and rumors about it in the coming days!

A special advance broadcast

If you’re a fan of the World’s End Harem and you’re disappointed by its delay, then here’s a piece of good news for you! The production team affirmed that the first episode of the series airs as per the existing schedule. As a “special advance broadcast”, the first episode will reportedly air in Japan. However, the anime will not be available on Crunchyroll until the later episodes stream in January 2022.

About “World’s End Harem”

The anime is an adaptation of Kotaro Shono’s science-fiction manga. It follows the story of MC Reito in a dystopian world, where a male killer virus wipes out the population of men. The lead MC Reito finds himself with the task of reviving the world’s male clan after he wakes up from cryogenic sleep. Yu Nobuta (High School Fleet) directed the anime at Studio Gokumi and AXsiZ.


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