WWE Announces NWO Week to Celebrate Faction’s 25th Anniversary

The New World Order is celebrating a huge milestone this week, and WWE has lined up a week’s worth of content to celebrate one of the most popular pro wrestling faction’s 25th anniversary. This week’s Peacock schedule will include a Best of NWO special (Tuesday), Sean “X-Pac” Waltman appearing on the latest edition of The Bump (Wednesday) and Kevin Nash being Steve Austin’s guest on Broken Skull Sessions (Thursday).

“On July 7, 1996, Hulk Hogan uncorked the Leg Drop heard ’round the world on ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage, joined forces with Scott Hall and Kevin Nash, and announced the formation of The New World Order. With that, the sports-entertainment world would never be the same,” WWE.com’s announcement read. “To commemorate The nWo’s milestone 25-year anniversary, join WWE in celebrating nWo Week starting Monday.”

“The celebration continues on WWE social channels, with nWo-themed episodes of your favorite YouTube series, like WWE Top 10 and WWE Playlist, plus Instagram Stories, TikToks, classic videos, photos and more,” the announcement continued.

The faction was officially inducted into the Hall of Fame back in April, represented by Hogan, Nash, Hall and Waltman. Eric Bischoff, the brains behind the faction and a former member, was also inducted by himself.

“About f—ing time!” Bischoff said on his podcast when news of the induction broke. “…The NWO, the angle, the moment that storyline was conceived and as it became executed was probably one of the most important periods in professional wrestling in this industry in the last 30 years. Look, the Monday Night Wars had already started, that fuse was already lit. But when the NWO evolved and came to be, that fuse that was already lit hit nitroglycerin and it exploded the business in a way that, other than what Vince McMahon and WWF did by launching WrestleMania and bringing a lot of mainstream attention to the industry when they did. But other than that period of time there is nothing that has been more significant to the wrestling industry than the NWO storyline. I’m not saying that because that was something I created and was a part of. I’m saying it because it’s true.:

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