WWE’s John Cena Wrestles Dark Match and Confronts Roman Reigns After SmackDown

John Cena added another stop to his WWE road trip when he kicked off last night’s episode of SmackDown, calling out Roman Reigns. Fans didn’t get that showdown though, as Paul Heyman came out instead and gave a promo that took shots at the returning star and was actually comedic gold. That said, we did actually get the showdown at SmackDown, just not until after the show went off the air, as @HeelAndrade took video of a dark match between John Cena and The Mysterios against The Uso and Reigns. As you can see in the video, there was also a confrontation between Cena and Reigns, but Reigns left before they actually started tussling.

SmackDown ended with Reigns denying Cena his challenge, though he was interrupted by Finn Balor, who had a challenge of his own. Reigns accepted that one, and it seems we are in for a throwdown between the two soon. After things went off air though, we see Reigns and The Usos taking on The Mysterios and Cena, and early on it was strictly The Usos and The Mysterios.

Then Cena gets the tag and starts hitting his patented offense on Jey, and even gets the Five Knuckle Shuffle off as the crowd hits the chant perfectly. Then we see Cena lift Jey but Jimmy keeps him from being hit with the Attitude Adjustment.

Another video then shows us the awaited confrontation between Cena and Reigns, and Cena is amped. The crowd is amped too, but as they circle each other Reigns rolls out of the ring and leaves with Heyman.

Cena looks annoyed. and has to talk to the crowd, but then The Usos ambush him from behind and knock him down. Then we see The Mysterios come in and make the save, clearing the way for Cena to hit the Attitude Adjustment and get the win.

If this is any indication of what the on-air pop will be when these two finally meet in the ring, fans are in for something special, and we can’t wait to see it happen.

What did you think of their first meet-up in the ring? Let us know in the comments or as always you can talk all things WWE with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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