WWE’s Roman Reigns Defeats John Cena in Fantastic Match at SummerSlam

The most anticipated match on tonight’s loaded WWE SummerSlam card is unquestionably Roman Reigns vs John Cena, and after a match between Goldberg and WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, it was time for the show’s main event. Roman Reigns and John Cena have been trading barbs back and forth on SmackDown, and after their final meeting last night, it was finally time to step into the ring, and Cena stepped in with a whole new shirt and Mario-inspired theme, putting his 16 Championship wins on display. Roman then entered with Paul Heyman by his side as well as The Usos. After the bell, it was time to get down to business, and things started out with the two circling for a bit and testing the other.

Both were all smiles early, and Cena was eating it all up. They finally locked up as Cena got. aSide headlock on Reigns, but it ended with a Shoulder Tackle by Reigns, sending Cena to the ground. They locked up again, and this time Reigns got a headlock in, but Cena tried to roll him up, though he only got a 2 count. Cena tried for another rollup, but Reigns got out of it and mocked Cena for a bit.

Cena would try and go for another quick pin but Reigns rolled out of it and knocked Cena off his feet and hard to the mat. Cena took a minute to get back to his feet, and Reigns picked him up and whipped him into the corner hard, knocking him back down to the mat. Reigns then suplexed him and covered him but Cena kicked out.

Cena then applied a headlock and when Cena fought out Reigns delivered a huge kick to the stomach to send him down to the mat again. Reigns picked him up and suplexed him again, but Cena kicked out once more. Reigns then threw Cena out. of the ring and to the floor. Cena blocked a punch but Reigns then threw Cena into the steel steps and stood atop them and celebrated in front of the fans.

Then Reigns sent Cena hard into the post, and took a minute to celebrate some more. Cena was reeling a bit, but he rolled Reigns up again, though Reigns escaped and then rolled through Cena, sending him down to the mat. Reigns laughed a bit, but Cena picked him up for the AA but Reigns countered into a DDT and went for the pin, but Cena kicked out.

Reigns then talked to the camera a bit and said Hollywood can have Cena, but he’s WWE. Cena blocked a punch and delivered a few punches to Reigns, and then bounced off the ropes but Reigns knocked him down hard again with a big right to the face. He then taunted his 5 moves as Cena crawled across the mat.

Cena then tried another rollup but Reigns got out and caught him in a Sleeper in the middle of the ring. Cena powered out of the hold but Reigns cut his comeback off by wrapping his legs and putting all of his body weight on Cena’s back. Cena got some energy again but Reigns cut it off again. Cena lifted Reigns and slammed his back into the corner to break the hold.

Cena then hit a clothesline that sent both to the mat. Both got to their feet but Cena then sent Reigns hard to the mat, and then he went for his trademark but Reigns locked in. tehGuiilliotine and it looked like Cena was going to tap, but Cena reversed it and locked in Reigns until he broke free. Reigns then Superman Punched Cena, knocking him down again. Reigns went for a spear but Cena caught him, and then Cena hit a Five Knuckle Shuffle. He then went for the AA and hit it, but Reigns kicked out right before the 3-count.

Cena then locked in a submission on Reigns, but Reigns grabbed the rope so Cena had to break the hold. Reigns looked hurt outside the ring, and Cena went to capitalize, but Reigns hit a drive-by and sent Cena hard to the floor. Reigns circled the ring and went for Cena but Cena picked him up and hit an AA atop the announce table. He then picked up Reigns to drag him into the ring and go for the pin, and he covered Reigns but Reigns kicked out.

Cena saw his chance, and he went to the top rope, but Reigns countered the move and sent Cena hard to the mat. Cena kicked out of the pin though. Reigns waited and went for the Superman Punch, but Cena caught him and rolled him up, though Reigns kicked out. Cena went for another AA but Reigns hit the Superman Punch and went for the pin, but Cena kicked out.

Reigns looked a little annoyed, and then set up for a spear but he missed and went shoulder-first into the post. Cena then grabbed Reigns and pulled him towards the top rope, and once set he picked him up and hit an AA on Reigns from the top rope Reigns then kicked out at the very last minute though. Both were down at this point, and Cena was first to his feet. He said Reigns needed to be embarrassed, and then mocked Reigns’ move and sprinted towards Reigns, but Reigns stopped him and they traded punches, but Reigns got another Superman Punch and then another, sending Cena down to the mat.

Reigns prepped for the spear and hit it, and that was all she wrote for Cena, who he pinned clean.

Here’s the full card for SummerSlam:

Roman Reigns (C) vs John Cena (Universal Championship)

Bobby Lashley (C) vs Goldberg (WWE Championship)

Bianca Belair (C) vs Sasha Banks (SmackDown Women’s Championship)

The Usos (C) vs The Mysterios (SmackDown Tag Team Championships)

AJ Styles and Omos (C) vs Randy Orton and Riddle (Raw Tag Team Championships)

Sheamus (C) vs Damian Priest (United States Championship)

Edge vs Seth Rollins

Alexa Bliss vs Eva Marie

Drew McIntyre vs Jinder Mahal

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