Xbox Game Pass Teases Major Addition in New Leak

A new leak has indicated that Xbox Game Pass could be receiving a rather notable new addition to the service within the coming month. Specifically, that game in question is Destiny 2, which is Bungie’s extremely popular first-person shooter. And although Destiny 2 is already available to download on Game Pass in one format, this leak seems to suggest that the title will be available for all subscribers before long.

In a newly leaked image found by DestinyNews, it looks like Destiny 2 is soon slated to become available on the Windows Store for PC. At this point in time, the game still hasn’t come to this avenue for those on PC, but once it does, it stands to reason that it will also join the Xbox Game Pass lineup. Since this leak also lined up with the crossplay component of Destiny 2, which is set to go live next month alongside the start of Season 15, it seems likely that the game could also show up on Game Pass at this same point in time.

As mentioned, Xbox Game Pass actually includes Destiny 2 and all of its expansions at this moment, but the game is only available via the console iteration of the service. That being said, Bungie and Xbox have made clear in the past that they’re working to bring Destiny 2 to Game Pass at some point later on in 2021. While we’ll have to wait a bit longer to learn officially from Bungie and Xbox about this development, it definitely seems like PC Game Pass subscribers won’t have to wait much longer to see Destiny 2 hit the platform.

What do you think about this potential Xbox Game Pass leak? And will you play Destiny 2 on Game Pass via PC whenever it does release? Let me know either down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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