Xbox Is Adding a Night Mode Feature

Xbox owners who are tired of getting blinded by sudden bursts of light from their consoles during gaming sessions late at night or early in the morning finally have a welcome feature coming their way. Microsoft announced this week its plans to test a new Night Mode setting which will allow people to dim their screens and add filters to the display among other customizations. The feature is still in testing, however, so it’ll be a while longer before it’s released across all Xbox consoles.

News of the new Night Mode setting was shared by the Xbox team within the patch notes for the latest Xbox Insider update. This one’s available to those in the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring, so if you’re part of that group, you’re able to test out what the Night Mode feature offers.

“Night Mode has now been added as a new feature in Settings! Users can now dim and filter their screen, as well as dim their console & controller LED brightness,” the patch notes for the latest Xbox Insider update said. “Please note that localization is still pending, so the feature is currently only available in English.”

Over on Twitter, an account focused on Xbox news shared the tweet below that showed what some of the different options look like once you’ve opted into the update and get to mess around with the settings. You can customize things like the level of dimming and filtering that happens as well as the brightness of the controller’s light. The latter is a feature that’s been quite handy on PlayStation controllers like the DualSense to soften the glow of the lightbar, so it should be similarly useful on the Xbox controllers, too.

The new feature is now available for testing if you’re part of the Alpha Skip-Ahead group, so give it a shot if you’re interested to see what it’s like. If it’s not something that you’ve been pining for but something you’d like to have regardless, you can use it when it’s released for everyone.

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