Xbox Series X Finally Adding Long Overdue Feature

A new Xbox Series X update is available via Xbox Insiders in the Alpha Skip-Ahead ring, which means it’s not yet available to all Xbox Series X users, but it won’t be long before this is rectified. Until then, what you need to know is that the update finally adds a long-overdue feature. The new feature isn’t extremely consequential, but it is something fans have been asking about before the console was even released last holiday season.

If you haven’t seen Xbox fans touting the new feature on social media, with the update, Xbox Series X consoles connected to a 4K display can now enjoy 4K UI, something PlayStation fans on PS5 have been enjoying since the new Sony console was released alongside the new Xbox.

“With today’s update, Alpha Skip-Ahead Insiders on Xbox Series X consoles connected to a 4K display can begin flighting an increased resolution UI,” said Microsoft of the update. “This change means Home, Guide, and other areas of the UI will be displayed in a higher native resolution for increased sharpness and text readability.”

As noted, it’s unclear when this update and feature will be added, but it should be fairly soon, as there usually isn’t a ton of time between when Xbox Insiders get an update and its wider release to the general public. That said, for now, this is just an assumption as Xbox doesn’t provide any release details. What we do know is that this new feature doesn’t extend to the Xbox Series S.

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