‘Yumi’s Cells’ Raises Fans Excitement with a Glimpse of Kim Go Eun & SHINee’s Minho

Yumi’s Cells will soon be seen on your screens

Yumi’s Cells is set to be launched on both TVING and tvN. It will air from 17th September. it gave us insights and hints of Kim Go Eun aka Yumi giving a shy smile in front of her colleague, Choi Min Ho aka Woo Gi.

What is making the fans go frenzy is Choi Min Ho’s special arrival in the series. It has increased the excitement of the fans to the level of crazy. Everyone is so thrilled about this new upcoming romance drama.

Choi Min said in a statement that he wanted to be a part of Yumi cells because since it is a drama adaption of an incredibly popular webtoon. He also said that the amazing thing about Yumi’s character in the show is that Yumi is an amazing and intriguing co-worker with a peaceful personality.

Image source: TVING

Choi went on to say that the fans will enjoy the show even more if they pay attention to the details of the cute body cells. The hard work and exemplary performance by the actors. Also the closeness among them. This season he hopes that the fans have a special feeling while watching the show Yumi Cells.


Yumi cells is an interesting and addictive series. This is a franchise show. It goes around a simple, normal worker Yumi. The story is narrated from the perspective of Yumi’s brain cells. Yumi develops with her brain cells. When she eats, loves and with everything else which goes around her.

The series, Yumi’s cells can be watched and be available on TVING and tvN. It will be available from Friday, 17th September at 10:50 P.M

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