New Release Plans from the NBC Crime Drama

The show makes its return after a decade

NBC cancelled one of its most successful shows Law & Order after twenty years on the air. This came as a huge surprise since it was a favorite to the viewers at that time, with some faithful fans still around. But a revival was announced and was in the works since 2015, with creator Dick Wolf at the helm once more. Wolf now has nine shows across three different networks, and calls it “a dream come true.”

Why won’t Law & Order be a Peacock exclusive?

Law & Order

When the show’s revival was announced, many were surprised to hear that it will be for NBC and not just for its personal streaming site Peacock.

Peacock launched in the USA in summer 2020, and by July’s Olympics, which was streaming on it, it had 54 million sign-ups. Out of those, around 20 million are active accounts. About half of that has purchased the premium tier as well.

Since the pandemic began, the competition between streaming sites only got more intense. Disney is riding high with its Marvel TV originals on Disney+, while WarnerMedia has revivals of Gossip Girl and Sex and the City on HBO Max. But then, why didn’t Law & Order choose to only stream on Peacock?

Sources revealed that the objective of NBCUniversal is to secure the biggest audience for the show, rather than make it a Peacock exclusive. They will bring it for Peacock and Hulu the next day. Whether it becomes a Peacock exclusive can be determined after the show’s performance.

A show meant for everyone

Law & Order

The NBCU’s entertainment section always wanted to produce content that can have the biggest audience. Wolf is also in agreement since Law & Order always had 15 million people tune in to watch the show every week.

The release date is still unknown at this point.

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