The Anticipated K-Drama is Hitting the Screens with Unexpected Development

A casual Rom-Com

The anticipated Korean Drama , You raise me up is hitting the screen soon and fans can’t keep calm. The Drama can be classified as a light-hearted but intriguing romantic comedy. The story offers a variety of twists and turns to keep the audience hooked. The synopsis of the show itself makes one eager to know what will happen next.

The story revolves around a guy named Do Yong Silk. He is a man in his mid-thirties who has faced many troubles in his life. While he was busy facing life’s challenges and preparing for the civil services exam, Silk was unable to take care of himself. Consequently, his physical appearance has taken a hit. He is now a man who sports a big belly and is generally unattractive to the ladies.

Apart from his appearance Do Yong Silk has been facing another challenge, impotence. His sex drive has been reducing and he intends to find a solution. Apparently, life decides to surprise him. Do Yong Silk seeks the help of a Urologist and is pleasantly surprised when his Urologist is none other than his first love, Lee Roo-da.

you raise me up
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Lee Roo-da is the exact opposite of him, she is a beautiful and successful doctor . Also, she belongs to a wealthy family. She is in a relationship with a psychiatrist Do-Ji Hyeok. He is also a wealthy man who runs a counselling clinic, but he is arrogant and often vain. Lee Roo-Da isn’t particularly fond of his traits.

To make him less self-centred she talks and brags about her first love who also happens to be Do Yong Silk. Life catches them off guard when they are suddenly faced with each other at the Urology Clinic.

you raise me up
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The cliff-hanger in the Synopsis is enough reason to keep watching and witnessing their story unfold.

Release Date and Cast

The K-Drama is directed by Kim Jang -Han and written by Mo Ji-Hye. The main cast includes actors Yoo Si-Yoon, Hani, Lee Ru-Da, and Park Ki-Woong. The Drama consists of 8 episodes and will be aired by the Wavve network. Mark 31st August your calendars for the premiere, because this K- drama will get you hooked.

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