WandaVision’s Agatha Harkness Gets Her Own Spin-off Series on Disney+!

The series is described as a dark comedy, and Kathryn Hahn will return to play the anti-villain

A WandaVision spin-off that stars Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha Harkness in the lead is in development at Disney+.

Hahn will reprise her role of Harkness in the Marvel Studios project, which is described as a dark comedy. The plot is kept tightly under wraps, in typical Marvel fashion.

Production status

Agatha Harkness
Marvel Studios

Jac Schaeffer, who was the head writer of WandaVision, will be the writer and executive producer of the series. If the project moves forward without any hiccups, it will be Schaeffer’s first project after she signed an overall deal with Marvel and 20th Television in May. As of now, no new information was received from the reps of Hahn or Schaeffer.

Hahn’s character was first introduced in WandaVision. She starts off as Agnes, Wanda and Vision’s nosy neighbor, but later reveals herself to be Agatha, a powerful witch. She can match Wanda’s level when it comes to magic, and even survived the Salem Witch Trials. In the finale, we see Wanda embracing her full persona of the Scarlet Witch and traps Agatha in Westview. She used her powers to revert Agatha back to Agnes.

Agatha Harkness
Marvel Studios

WandaVision was the first limited series by Marvel Studios, and aired from January to March. It became a massive hit, and received 23 Emmy Nominations. Hahn got nominated for best supporting actress in a limited series. The show also won the best original music and lyrics category for the song “Agatha All Along.”

Hahn is all set to star in a limited series in development at Showtime, which will be about comedy legend Joan Rivers. She will also star in the Apple series The Shrink Next Door and Rian Johnson’s Knives Out 2.

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