YouTubers Find $100,000 Worth of Retro Video Games in Abandoned House

As long as physical media exists, there will always be a market for retro video games, and the pair behind the YouTube channel Cheap Finds Gold Mines knows this all too well. Duo Aimee and Korbin recently filmed a three-part series where they checked out an abandoned house filled with old video games! The two predominantly focused on sealed games during their exploration, and they found some incredible titles, including The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, Resident Evil, and F-Zero GX on GameCube, Tetris Worlds and Star Wars: Bounty Hunter on PlayStation 2, Crazy Taxi on Sega Dreamcast, tons of Xbox games, and a whole lot more!

The games sold thus far totaled $100,000, with Aimee and Korbin getting $20,000, and the rest being split among other resellers. It’s worth noting that many games remain unsold, so the duo stands to make a lot more from their find! While this is an incredible discovery, it did not come without a bit of effort. The duo claimed that the house was “not what we were expecting,” and that much is obvious from the videos! When they got to the house, they were not in clothes that offered much in the way of protection, but they also didn’t want to go back and risk losing what they found. Aimee and Korbin encountered roaches, a brown recluse spider (which bit Aimee), and Korbin apparently got scabies on his leg. However, the games they got were well worth it! The third video, in which the team details the game sales specifically, can be found embedded below.

For those interested in collecting retro games, the videos are well worth a watch! There’s something really amazing about seeing these sealed games, and knowing that so many are going to go to good homes. The abandoned home belonged to a collector that became ill in 2019, and his relatives needed to clean out the house. In the second video, his niece Stephanie details the process behind the clean-up, and her hopes that “some good people would get some good stuff.” Aimee and Korbin apparently found out about the house thanks to a tip from a viewer.

One of the most amazing things about the video series is the fact that Aimee and Korbin actually turned down quite a few games, mostly those that were already opened! This house had an incredible collection, which Korbin calls in the video above a “deal of a lifetime.” It seems like a lot of gamers would agree!

What do you think of these retro game finds? Are you as jealous of these YouTubers as I am? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter at @Marcdachamp to talk all things gaming!

[H/T: Kotaku]

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